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SME Center
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Specialized Services

A Wide-Range of Specialized Services

According to the report on “Business Development Services in Lebanon: Field Survey for Needs Assessment, November -December 2008”, that was undertaken by the Federation and GTZ, the following services were identified as priority areas for many Lebanese SMEs.

Production Services
  • Organization of production process
  • Information about modern technology
  • Access to modern technology/use of technology level
  • Maintenance of machines
  • Flexibility to respond to changing environment / demand
  • Product development and design
  • Product quality
  • Quality management system
  • Safety & health

Management and Finance
  • Business diagnosis
  • Business planning
  • Knowledge of modern management tools
  • Administration of personnel and human resources
  • Ability to maintain quality of staff
  • Assistance to get qualified labor
  • Information about financing schemes
  • Access to credits

  • Information about customers
  • Access to customers
  • Information about suppliers
  • Access to suppliers
  • Sales and distribution structure
  • Product promotion cooperation

SME CENTER New Services

The SME Center, a vital initiative of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Lebanon aiming at the sustainable development of local enterprises, has expanded its service offering to include export related and food related services.

Export Related Services
The center now facilitates market access to Turkey through:
  • Visit Programs
    Detailed visit programs are scheduled to potential partners, customers, governmental agencies, associations and various authorities according to the client’s needs accompanied by an expert from the Center.
  • Market Survey
    Specific and up-to-date market surveys allowing for sound knowledge of the local market and a solid market entry: information on market size, structure, competition, demand, prices, distribution, legislation, and other crucial factors.
  • Partner Identification
    Provide international companies with access to new strategic partners by defining a partner profile and then researching companies and potential customers fitting to the selected profile.

Food Related Services
  • Product Adaptation for US & other International Markets Giving Lebanese products a new identity making them consumer friendly and marketable in foreign markets.
  • Culinary Concepts and Menu Design Creating food ideas through unique menu design to better compete with other existing restaurants locally and internationally.
  • Food And Beverage Training and Consulting Services Providing training and consulting services in various topics based on demand; among which are: Business development, food safety and hygiene standards, establishing Standard Operating procedures, and other services.

For more information about the Center’s new services,
Please visit the Federation’s SME Center to enquire about our services.
Location: CCIABML Bldg, 12th Floor, Sanayeh – Beirut Lebanon
Or call on: 00961 1 349614 - 00961 1 744702, or send an Email to: