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SME Center Partners

The Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Lebanon

FCCIAL was established in 1997 as the national umbrella of the four regional Chambers in Lebanon: The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Beirut and Mount Lebanon; The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Tripoli and the North; The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Saida and the South; The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Zahle and the Bekaa.

The Industrial Research Institute

IRI has developed many areas of expertise and core competencies over the last decade. Its expanding range of services has been delivered in Lebanon and other Arab countries. IRI is recognized as a solid partner and a competent institution which is able to design and deliver high quality services. Equally, numerous IRI labs are accredited by international bodies.


ELCIM provides specialized services for manufacturing enterprises, enabling them to develop through the improved quality of products, increased competitiveness and modern managerial skills. This involves the provision of expertise; access to technical and financial resources; awareness of human and corporate responsiveness to the challenges of work and the creation of wealth.

The Food Advisory Unit
FAU aspires to link local technical resources with agro-food businesses, particularly with the purpose of improving the products and processes of Lebanese SMEs operating in the food industry. Its importance is in the fact that it capitalizes on the strengths of different organizations and institutions in Lebanon and deepens the synergy among them, thereby providing its customers with a wide range of services and activities.


A not-for-profit association, LibanPack represents stakeholders from the food and packaging sectors in Lebanon. It is a focal point for all enterprises concerned with improving packaging. The main objective of this center is to address key issues across the packaging value chain. It works on improving the packaging and labeling process and thus increasing the competitiveness of Lebanese products on export markets and ensuring their conformity with international standards.