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Agriculture Committee

Missions And Goals

Agriculture Committee The Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Lebanon means agriculture through the Agriculture Committee constituted by the chairmen and members of the committees of agriculture in the regional chambers, elected members of its boards of directors, as well as experts from the agriculture departments of the chambers and representatives of public and private bodies and associations.

The agriculture departments of the Regional Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture are comprised of experts and engineers with expertise and experience in agriculture fields.

In addition to the tasks related to the preparation of the agenda and follow-up decisions of the Agriculture Committee, the workers in the agriculture departments are involved to provide services to workers in the agricultural sector, especially by: providing technical advice and information on production and marketing, assistance in preparation of business plans and feasibility studies and files on bank loans, providing information on quality systems and specifications, in the internal and external markets, and information on trade agreements and trade statistics, and addresses of importers and exporters in Lebanon and abroad.


    The main tasks of the Agricultural Committee include the following:
  • Coordination of efforts between the Lebanese Chambers on issues related to the agricultural sector at the national level.
  • Cooperation with public sector institutions to regulate and develop agricultural activity at the national level.
  • Defending the interests of the private sector in public policy, trade agreements, laws and regulations of an agricultural nature.
  • Contribute to the promotion and activation of the agricultural bodies work
  • Participate in the preparation and implementation of agricultural development programs and projects in cooperation with governmental institutions and international organizations. The Federation participated in the implementation of the agricultural development project (ADP) contracted by the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Preparing reports and economic studies related to the agricultural sector in order to be presented to the government.
  • Collecting and disseminating information on the markets of agricultural products in Lebanon and abroad.
  • Organizing conferences, seminars and agricultural exhibitions in Lebanon and abroad.
  • Organizing promotional campaigns for Lebanese agricultural products.
  • Contribute to the development of trade exchange in agricultural products with Arab and foreign countries.