Market Information Services

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Export Markets

The Export Market Information Service (MIS) provides up to date information on wholesale prices of certain fruits and vegetables as recorded in five major European wholesale markets, including Paris Rungis (France), London New Covent Garden (UK), Hamburg (Germany), Warsaw (Poland) and Sofia (Bulgaria).

For this purpose, the FCCIAL prepares and disseminates price reports related to these markets (three times a week) containing analysis and comments relevant to the witnessed price trends. These reports are regularly disseminated to all ADP beneficiaries and to other stakeholders as well, and are available to the interested public upon request.

Furthermore, and in order to provide exporters with information on international prices of exotic fruits vegetables, fruit juices and herbs, the FCCIAL makes available the latest International Trade Center (ITC) price reports.

In addition, the FCCIAL also provides customized information related to the fruits and vegetables sector in Europe, including: